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Adding pause and stop buttons

So I will add a stop button and a pause button. That way it's like how it used to be, in terms of the sound playback functionality.
Version 9.9.18

You're going to love this new update! 8 New Songs and a great new feature! A volume control! Now you can finally control the volume of the playback!

I have also made a new background!

:D I hope yall like it! It looks pretty cool If I do say so myself.

Developer Update 5/19/2017

Many more songs and features from the extension. Watch the video above for more information!  Also, I'm strongly considering adding ads. As this brings a much larger incentive in making this FREE application! Don't like that idea? Let me know. You can donate on my blog! There is a donate button on the right!

Hey, Vsauce Micheal Here!

Development returns