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Reloading Error/Glitch

Hey We are now aware of this issue and have taken steps to prevent it. The fix is easy, all you have to do is restart the app!

The error was a result of poor planning on our code. In an effort to make it update quickly we put in a script to search for an update, if it found one it would restart the app, however the app reloads like crazy when an update gets rolled out. So this new one will put an end to that. Once again, the app does update automatically, it it at the discretion of Google Chrome and not our app. Thank you for supporting our efforts. And remember you can help to the cause of good memes and donate so we can have the best memes. :)


What's New Version 2.6.5  -Brand new look and some more songs!   -Fixed Reloading Glitch  -Fixed Not Loading Glitch  -Don't hit that reload button to often, it'll cause the app to be blocked by chrome Version 2.6.3-2.6.4 Many new sounds and a new layout of the buttons. Still toying with the idea of expanding the buttons! Also I don't have so much time to work on this app so I do the best I can! Enjoy  fresh new design and as always! Enjoy the new version!
*Edit* Fixed the STFU button Version 2.6.2 A bunch of new sounds, condensed code and redesign of some basic functions. Now you can press "p" to stop audio. A new changelog page for what I plan to add. I would like to request some help if anyone is at all tech savvy. I need to figure out how to make my buttons line up the same on all operating systems. Right now I program it in Windows and it is scaled for such. I need the buttons to be uniform on CrOS and Mac as well. Any help would be appreciated. Email me…