What's New

Version 2.6.5

 -Brand new look and some more songs! 
 -Fixed Reloading Glitch
 -Fixed Not Loading Glitch
 -Don't hit that reload button to often, it'll cause the app to be blocked by chrome

Version 2.6.3-2.6.4

Many new sounds and a new layout of the buttons. Still toying with the idea of expanding the buttons! Also I don't have so much time to work on this app so I do the best I can! Enjoy  fresh new design and as always! Enjoy the new version!
*Edit* Fixed the STFU button

Version 2.6.2

A bunch of new sounds, condensed code and redesign of some basic functions. Now you can press "p" to stop audio. A new changelog page for what I plan to add. I would like to request some help if anyone is at all tech savvy. I need to figure out how to make my buttons line up the same on all operating systems. Right now I program it in Windows and it is scaled for such. I need the buttons to be uniform on CrOS and Mac as well. Any help would be appreciated. Email me @ for any advice or help.

Version 2.6.1

Many new sounds suggested by users like you (thank you). File size is reduced by 60% (Woohoo audio compression! I used lamexp to batch compress I love it) Added an info and soon to be a search function. I don't have all the time in the world to update the app but I make time whenever I can. I hope you enjoy this update, I spent a good time on it! Enjoy!

Version 2.5.13-2.6.0

Redesign of the CSS Hopefully uniform across all operating systems! Slight recolouring and a fix of the scroll bar. If you have any suggestions leave them here!

Version 2.5.11-12

Halloweeny and 3 more sounds. Added submission link

Version 2.5.10

(The Update that shocked the universe) Tons of new sounds with a funky halloween theme WOOOOOOOOAAAHHHH Extension Development Ceased Have any ideas? Send them my way if you'd like!

Version 2.5.9

4 New sounds!

Version 2.5.7-2.5.8

New sounds and no more echo! Official app release

Version 1.1-2.5.6

Historical development


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