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Developer Update - Version 10.0.5 - The Great Division

What's New:
Meme Categories now have separate scroll boxes 
New Social Media ButtonsVisualChanges to the blog!NEW AESTHETIC OF CHANGELOG/INFO PAGE

Future Plans

Plans for 2017

As of yet, I haven't been able to create new updates. I have a new job that will take most of my time so I cannot focus as much attention anymore. I will try my best to schedule more "Planned" updates soon. But as for now, Look forward to the future for more updates. Oh, and please stop asking for We are number one. It's in there. I added it forever ago. Just search for it.

Have you seen JoJo? It's fantastic...

Version 10.0.4

Version 10.0.4 is full of brand new memes and a whole new catagory!
The whole application has been reskinned, with a more A E S T H E T I C  V A P O R W A V E feel. In addition to a few more songs, there is now a "Non Musical Memes" section. This will have all the memes that don't follow under the category of music.

The new category shows in the search query when you search for those memes as well. Whenevr you search for a meme, you'll be sure to get what you want, no matter the category.

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What's new?

Removed permissions. (My B. I accidentally put that permission in the manifest.That's it

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Added a search bar! Now we have a facebook page!

The Meme Board now has a Facebook page! Check it out here
Now there is a search bar, about time! Alphabetization is now done by element ID so some buttons might not be in the right order, but you can search for whatever your heart desires. Some further optimizations were made to increase overall speed. The new tab button now leads you to a popup, instead of a new tab. The new popup is basically the exact same as the extension, except it doesn't close when you unfocus it.
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Version 10.0.2 New update! 6/10/2017

Version 10.0.2 is out!
Man am I excited for this new release! What's new:New songsChanged new tab button to a popup style. Much like the appStyling on info pageTechnical microchips to speed up processing. Like this update?Leave some feedback on this blog or email me at

Version 10.0.1 is out!

Version 10.0.1 is out!

Man am I excited for this new release!  What's new:New songs*FIXED* - Slow launching timeVolume control is a little more smooth.Cool easter egg 🙂Moved the info bar to the top.Styling on info pageMagical pixie dust to enhance flight capability. Like this update?Leave some feedback on this blog or email me at

New update planned for next month

A new update is planned for next month. this will be a large addition of memes and some cool visual changes (like always lol)

"Meme Music Board" is now "The Meme Board"

As you can probably tell by now, I have renamed the extension to "The Meme Board". with this new name comes some lifted restrictions. No longer will each update be music only. There will now be any meme possible! Anything is an option. Images, Audio, cool web pages, all kinds of stuff!

     Now that I am no longer focused on music only I feel I can add whatever I want. (Btw new easter egg 😃) I have updated the information page to actually include the blog directly in the extension. This way users have instant access to the knowledge of what has been added. I added some simple CSS styling and some cool new graphics on the main page itself. There is now a stop/pause button as well as a very dangerous and loud "Play all" button. I warn against it though. I really hope you guys enjoy this new update. I am loving figuring out how to implement new features. Enjoy a nice new update.